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New sketchbook video is up guys! make sure to check it out and leave me a comment! love you all thanks for your support! 
New sketchbook video!

Live Stream!!! is on!  Ninja Sketch Edition.
First this is my Pixiv  account  ('ll be posting more Ero art there :D)

Questions I like to Answer:

Drawing Questions, methods of working, good personal Questions, learning and practice tips, about Reiq in General.

Questions I do not like or not Answer:

-What tablet you should buy According to you budget (It’s not my problem your budget) do a little research yourself. the internet helps a lot. 

-What brushes I use: Learn how to make them yourself, you'll be better off. I had to learn myself! also there;s already a bunch of brushes online, here in Da and 3d total brush tutorial are great.

-Technical questions about problems you're having with your tablet (i’m not a Wacom Technician) or you computer etc. 

-Really stupid Questions you should google yourself, like Does a Cintiq has to be connected to a Computer? can I buy this On the internet? PLZZZZ. 

-Do you take requests? NO, I have never taken requests (don't see the point of doing them) I draw what I want but I do accept suggestions.

many will think, what an asshole reiq is. but the truth is there’s a handful of people who ask the right questions that will really help them to improve, the rest is just technology and hardware, that will be obsolete, your skills will not. 

Rant of the day. Back to work.
Before I post a real Journal with more text and things to talk ( I started already)  I wanted to take the change to share this video Interview I did about some questions  I got sent to me. I think you will like it!

Please check it out and please subscribe. cause there will be more videos and tutorials! ThankS

Ok guys, I got that people still check this journals. I want to start writing something right now. however I want to put something clear.

1- My English is much better now than a few years ago. but my writing sucks cause i never do, therefore you will see a bunch of bad punctuations and mistakes. please deal with it.

2- The topics or opinions I might have could be radical for sensitive people.  I said this because I remember people telling me they stopped looking at my work since I said something they didn't agree with me. Please grow up and stop being so righteous. 

3- sometimes I might change suddenly the topic and you might feel lost sometimes. but that's how life works. 

So here it begins.

Please check Next Journal. 

  • Listening to: Anime soundtracks
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: Bakemonogatari
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: healthy
  • Drinking: not much
do you guys still read journal in DA?  I haven't written in a loooong time. should i write again?…

check it out, my latest sketchbook video.…

check it out, my latest sketchbook video.
Dear Fans and friends  I'm off to Berlin this Saturday till the 5th then I go to paris from the 5th to the 12th and finally Madrid from the 12th to the 17th, everything is set up and the main objective is to check all the art possible and enjoy the city and why not meet you some of you guys if you live in these cities! send me a message!
NEWS! I'm off to Florence Italy for the next Two months and I'll be taking a life drawing workshop at so if you live in Italy and want to hang around let me know! :D
so I did my little review and unboxing

Review and demo…

Unboxing…  b   some coloring of supergirl
First I wanted to share my Youtube  Channel here where I post things about art, tutorials and other speend paintings you might like.

Your tube  

My Facebook (where I post more sketches)

and Thumblr…

the other is that well I run out of Points and so far I've given 30 Premium subscription, hope those who got it are enjoying the lack of ads.
So I got a Premium subscription from :iconkelanich: and :iconatouchofmadness:  so many people sent their points this way and surpassed the amount I needed to. So, why not give one to someone else who needs a subscription, let's share the Points!

the only condition is that you are not currently on a premium subscription, and you tell me why you deserve it :D write something funny :D

GAVE 20 Premium memberships away, thanks for those who sent their points this way and those who posted in this journal!